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Frasier Week

Hey baby I hear the blues are calling, tossed salad and scrambled eggs. One of these days someone has to explain to me exactly what that means.

For a change we have a theme week, this week all the posts will be about Frasier, past present and future. Both Jeni and I are a fan of the show. In fact Frasier and Cheers are safe shows for us both. Episodes that we can watch even when highly stressed, and they can help with recentring again. These episodes/shows are like a sturdy anchor in the stormy seas of our lives.

Frasier as a character, was first introduced to viewing audiences in Cheers. A beloved show, that I used to watch with my dad. Norm is a character I loved, a bit of a gruff exterior but a heart of gold. Much like Martin in the Frasier spin off show. However, I appreciate all the characters from Frasier to Sam, to Carla (she was great, every time she was on screen).

However in Cheers, his character was muted, almost two dimensional in places. Frasier Crane in my opinion was defined in Frasier. His character cemented by each episode, that either added to, or reinforced aspects of his personality.

So our posts this week are as follows. Today’s post is the introduction, tomorrow it will be a post about Frasier, Niles the next day, and the Frasier revival the following day. Then I’ll be heading offline for a few weeks to work on the Christmas campaign for this year.

This is not a paid promotion, but just a series of posts about a show, and characters, I adored.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Words – Ross A Fraser

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
25 sept. 2023

Today’s post is the first in a 4 part breakdown of the show Frasier and the characters that felt comforting to me.

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