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Fondness for Freddy Funko

For Christmas this past year, I was given two Freddy Funko figures for my collection. Making a total of 10 of them (9 Freddy figures and 1 Proto figure, who is Freddy’s dog) in my collection.

My mum asked me (at the time that she ordered one for me) why I liked them. She said that she understood the other figures (Stitch, Yogi, Garfield etc) but couldn’t figure out why I felt connected to Freddy.

I must admit that answer eluded me at the time, but did occur to me a few days ago. I love Freddy, because he’s the quintessential masked character. There are several figures where Freddy is him trying different experiences, like skateboarding, diving or just dressed up for Halloween. However there are a lot more where Freddy has the appearance of a certain character. I realised that was the key, the reason behind the connection and interest in the character. I am drawn to Freddy because he represents different characters, and embodies different personalities. He is masking and mirroring in a way.

My favourite ones out of my collection are Freddy with a Nessie floaty, skater Freddy and the robot Transformer Proto (which looks amazing under the blacklight). Saying that there aren’t ones I don’t like that I have, as I appreciate them all. In fact out of the 10 figures I have, I’ve personally only bought 1; out of those ones, 4 were trades, 1 purchased, and 5 were presents (4 from my wife and 1 from my parents).

I really couldn’t figure it out at first, but it felt so obvious when it did finally dawn on me. I love Freddy as himself, and all the characters he emulates because to me, he is a symbol of the mask I wore for 38 years (without being aware of it).

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Written by – Ross Fraser

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1 Comment

To me the Freddy Funko mascot is more than meets the eye. He is everyone and no one. Himself, and others, all at the same time. You could say he’s masked and unmasked, and that’s what I like about him.

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