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In the town I live in there is a tradition that goes back about 150 years. The last few hours of the year become a spectacle. The "Fireballs" are attached to a handle via a chain. They walk down the high street swinging these blazing balls, with the tradition originally done to fight back evil spirits before the new year.

My wife and daughter wanted to go, I did briefly consider going with them, but it wasn't possible. The cold air heightens my pain and it can cause a blackout, which in this particular case could be really dangerous. So I'm at home hugging a hot water bottle, however my wife is going to try to get a video to put out soon. I can't promise anything as it depends on where they are and if she is able to get footage. I do hope though, that I will have a video to show you all this extraordinary Scottish tradition, posted within the next few hours.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

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