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Festive Season

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Christmas in my household was always an event; the night before Christmas, we had snacks and got to open one gift early. The next day, we always got up early to open presents. It was me, my brother, my mom, my grandma, and my uncles and aunts on occasion.

Presents were the usual fare: we got clothes, toys, and if we were lucky, video games. I’d spend all day playing whatever new game I got. Of course, we’d stop for dinner. Turkey was the main item and to this day it’s one of my comfort foods.

As time went on, some of the family grew distant. But we’d try to be together nonetheless. There were a few years during my 20s where it was more stressful. I was with the mom of my oldest two kids and having to juggle two dinners and all that got a bit overwhelming. I was yet to be diagnosed with autism but the signs were there. I’d do more cooking, more decorating, and try to mask as a neurotypical person to keep the peace as much as I could, but it was quite stressful.

After we split, it wasn’t quite as hectic. The family grew smaller as people passed away or had falling outs. But that’s how life goes. But we carried on the Christmas Eve tradition, now with my kids involved as well.

These days, it’s a little harder to get in the spirit. There’s so much chaos in the world, everything is expensive, and it takes more spoons than I usually have. But I do at least make sure to put up a tree and some lights. It’s important.

This year though has been very slim on the spirit. My partner and I didn’t get a tree put up. Health and finances make things difficult. But there’s always next year.

Overall, to me, holidays for an autistic person are quite tough. There’s a lot going on and you’re expected to act a certain way. Peace is supposed to be kept and joy is assumed to be felt by all. But it is tough. Nevertheless, we persist best we can.

Happy Holidays to all

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

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Ross Fraser
Ross Fraser
24 de dez. de 2023

Today’s post is a community comment from Wes’s Corner: Journey Through Neurodivergence.

“I’ll always have a soft spot for the holiday and the traditions, but eventually, maybe the commercialism will die down and it can just be cozy instead.”

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