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Some of my early posts were about reflection. No, not your reflection in a mirror but the ability to look inwards and find understanding. This is something I learned to do at a very young age because of the life I lived.

I have dealt with pain all my life but there were people around me that assumed I was just making it up. Then there are my "high emotions" as my daughter likes to call them. Not many people accepted this part of me either. Once again it was something that needed to change but the only way I knew how was to shut down.

I've known since I was a child what I wanted to do. It's very simple, I wanted to help people by sharing love. Even when I was lost for years this desire was still a part of me.

Since I didn't know how or who I could help, I watched and observed others. Some times I would offer a shoulder to cry on or slight guidance but mostly I would just reflect upon what I saw. I guess I was just building up to this moment in my life.

Now for a bit of information that most of you don't know about me. I come from a Christian family and truly believe that any good I have or will do is only possible because of God.

So many times in my life I should have died. The things I've experienced alone have caused so much pain that I truly don't know how I found the strength to continue on. That's the thing right there. Alone I could not have survived, with him I can. He can take every moment in my life and use it for good. That is my goal and greatest desire in life. To let Jesus take the wheel and bring joy to others lives. I can ask for nothing greater than to use my life to help others find a way to live happily and humbly.

To all those that have followed my journey this far I want to say thank you for your support and comfort. For all those just joining us I want to say thank you, I hope we are able to help you through your own journey.

This is Me - Jeni Dern

Be You - be a blessing in others lives.

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