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External Impact

Autistic people have probably always been part of the population. Using journals and personal effects people like Nikola Tesla, Michelangelo and Hans Christian Andersen have now been retroactively diagnosed. The reason I think we see it as a difficulty or disability in modern society, is because of the impact of the modern world. Sensory information is unavoidable, there is so much now and our environments are less natural. Plus, there is a lot of negative external impact, you can easily feel like an outsider and like you don't belong in society.

Our brains can be amazing but they can also become prisons in the wrong environment. I have to control my life and environment very carefully to keep control, every single day. I started the New Life Autistic campaign for that very reason. The community needs the right support in place, the sooner the better and to stop being judged by non autistic standards. We get measured by a neuro-typical ruler and told we don't match up. We learn a different way, understand in different ways and develop at a different pace. So why are we made to follow in the exactly the same path as people that are different from us. If we, as a society began looking at autistic children for what is normal for us not a neuro-typical child, you'd see a very different picture. We are not all disabled by default but we do live in a time where the world that's been created can be very disabling to us, and that does need to change.

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Words – Ross A Fraser

Imagery – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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