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Emma's Elf

For the past few days something magical has happened. A gift has mysteriously shown up under the tree. Emma was shocked the first day. She ran around the house and asked who put a gift under the tree? We all acted clueless and just as surprised to see it as she was.

After a few minutes, Emma decided she knew who must have left it. One of Santa's handy helpers, an Elf!!! With that conclusion, a new family tradition was born. A sneaky little elf will now be leaving one little gift a day under the tree.

I know her days of believing in magic are numbered. For all I know this may be a first and last. Seeing the joy and wonder in her eyes is worth it. These are memories I will cherish forever and who knows, maybe she will continue this tradition with her own children someday.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

This is Me - Jeni Dern

Be You - make magical memories

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Words – Jeni Dern

Graphic Design App – Canva

In association with Service Graphics and Mas Body Gym, Middlesbrough.

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Ross Fraser
Ross Fraser
Dec 15, 2023

Today’s post is from Jeni, about her daughter, and an unexpected gift under their Christmas tree.

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