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Emergency Alert System

Warning potential sensory trigger.

The UK Emergency Alert system Test will take place on Sunday the 23rd of April at 3pm.

Noise cancelling earphones/headphones or frequency adjusting earbuds are recommended for autistic people. This alert could be very intense for an autistic person because of the differences in audible sensory processing.

Emergency Alerts is a UK government service that will warn you if there’s a danger to life nearby.

In an emergency, your mobile phone or tablet will receive an alert with advice about how to stay safe.

The government does not need to know your phone number or location to send you an alert.

You may get alerts about:

• severe flooding

• fires

• extreme weather

Emergency alerts will only be sent by:

• the emergency services

• government departments, agencies and public bodies that deal with emergencies

What happens when you get an emergency alert

Your mobile phone or tablet may:

• make a loud siren-like sound, even if it’s set on silent

• vibrate

• read out the alert

The sound and vibration will last for about 10 seconds.

An alert will include a phone number or a link to the GOV.UK website for more information.

You’ll get alerts based on your current location - not where you live or work. You do not need to turn on location services to receive alerts.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern


Words – Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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I think it will be a jarring experience for many, because this is something we haven't experienced in the UK before. It's based on the American and Australian emergency alert systems. I think it is going to be really intense to experience for the first time. I spoke to the Scottish government this afternoon. I am trying to see if it can be tested on my phone, so that I can record the experience and upload the video before the alert is put out nationwide.



Please be aware if you live in the UK. The emergency alert system will be tested next Sunday. This is something that autistic people and caregivers need to be aware of. The alert will last for approximately 10 seconds and needs to be manually confirmed (tablet or phone) to end the alert. The alert may sound on multiple devices in a household, this will act as an amplifier, and can make the sound more intense.

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