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Different Minds

It is strange to find you have a different mind,

Is that why life moved on and I was left behind,

I didn’t really learn when I was at school,

Often getting lost in a neurotypical rule,

Put in and out of boxes, like trying on a shoe,

Teachers snapping, you’re not trying, are you?

Always feeling like I couldn’t do anything right,

Then made to live decades without the light,

I was chained by a world not made for me,

But ... You know it says on TV we should be free,

Sadly a candy coating with a sour core,

How is this world better than it was before,

A modern 2D world that just feels flat,

Lots of change, but progress, where is that?

Until the most value is put in a life,

We will always have a world in infinite strife,

People living each day surrounded by fears,

Means eventually, humanity will drown in it’s tears.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva


#mentalhealthadvocate #together #community #actuallyautistic #autismacceptance

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