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Updated: Mar 10

I put this image out as a comment to another post yesterday (on another page), about accepting people. I ended up with a laugh reaction, which is really why I’m putting this post out. I really don’t care that they thought it was funny, but I do care that people are dismissed for being open about who they are.

What’s more I don’t really understand why it’s funny that someone is looking for mental intimacy before sexual intimacy. How has that become a strange concept. I see an individual for their mind, for what makes them who they are. If I do fall in love it’s a deep connection that not only bonds but creates a safe space. Somewhere I can just be me without worrying if that’s ok. I tell my wife everything, I do not hold back with her, or hide anything. She knows me so deeply that she knows what I need when I can’t communicate my wishes, when I can’t talk. She understands me and my natural reactions because she’s got to know me, my mind, who I am.

I’ll be honest, if this gets just laugh reactions then so be it. However is it not crazy that someone looking for mental attraction, rather than physical as the foundations for a relationship is seen as being funny or strange. To me sex is at the end of a long corridor, one that’s created through, and only through, a mental connection.

People are dismissed, often, for not being the same as others. People are different, judging someone for being different, unfortunately that’s at the heart of a lot of problems people face.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Curtis


Words - Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva


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