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Creating Cultures

Culture, can be a result of both tradition, and adaptation.

When Shakespeare was alive, women were not allowed on stage. They could support by altering costumes, and had other roles in the theatre, like selling food, drink, and dealing with ticket sales. This meant that all parts were played by men.

Even Romeo and Juliet.

The interesting thing about Shakespeare is the story of Viola, from The Twelfth Night. It was not only a reflection of the times, but William Shakespeare’s personal view on inequality. Writing about limitations placed on a woman, and the imbalance, in status in society. Gender dictated, both, quality of life and personal role. Lives separated by different rules, and expectations.

Put simply the world a man could access, a woman couldn’t.

There are several examples of how it can effect, and create cultures in pages of the books, penned in the past. It also shows the effect of oppression, with burlesque, and NASCAR being a direct result of prohibition in America, in the 1920’s to the early 1930’s.

Culture can show different sides of life, personal expression, and often can be traced back.

Everything has a history.

I think the quote I like the most about Equality, was said in an interview with Ann Atwater. Ann, promoted unity through grassroots organisations as a black civil rights activist in America. I think is very powerful because it’s true, people are different, but humans, have common ground. We all need food, water, and ... we all bleed the same.

“Both of us bleeding, and it hit the floor and nobody seen whose blood it was, they couldn’t tell whose blood was on there because our blood is the same.”

Born: 1 July 1935

Died: 20 June 2016

Ann was a lifelong, grassroots civil rights activist, in Durham, North Carolina.

We see the impact of intolerance, inequality, and limiting freedom of expression, in the past, as well as modern day. I said over a year ago that if things didn’t change, I saw the collapse of the Roman Empire on a global scale. What I find really frightening is, that experts agree. I knew nothing about the report done in 1970. However, scientists in the 1970s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had predicted the global collapse of society.

Using the LtG model, the fall of society will take place around 2040.

Creating a fairer and more equal society, one where differences are accepted and not opposed, that could change things. Unfortunately, it’s just one of many things, humanity has to do, to alter our heading. Otherwise, in twenty years we could be going back to the stone age. A complete and total breakdown of society, that’s potentially what we are passing on to our children, to this, and the future generations. Without the knowledge on how to survive in a world that isn’t technological.

Equality, not inequality.

People, not profit.

Acceptance, not alienation.

The time is now to change the future, before it’s too late. Potentially we have less than twenty years, and the clock is most definitely ticking...

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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