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As an autistic woman I have to fight to find a balance. If I don’t harness my emotions they can become overwhelming. Every high and low can be experienced in a crippling way.

Today something snapped in me.

All my protective walls melted away. My emotions were completely exposed. It turned out to be the most enlightening moment in my life. What felt like being completely surrounded by fear, that left me.

What I took away from the experience is that judgment is a crippling force on this planet. If we are given freedom just to be who we are, then life can be perfect for a moment. Today I felt perfection and it was amazing. A day out with the family became freedom from a world of worries. There are too many of them right now.

Don’t be afraid to live. It is okay to feel and to find balance, it’s your life. Enjoy the journey when you can and remember tomorrow can change. If you can’t see a better tomorrow, just live in today. Can’t find a better day, live in a moment and keep that.


Jeni Curtis

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Jun 26, 2022

Getting lost in fear today means not being able to change tomorrow. We want to help change tomorrow.

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