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Christmas Campaign Q and A

Christmas Campaign Q and A:

Does each 3Mx1M banner just need to be hung for a day?

A new banner will be hung in a different location each day, however the previous banners remain hung. Like doors on an advert calendar, so that all 31 banners are on display by New Years.

What locations are you looking for?

Any location on private property in the UK that is in a prominent location. We have had offers of homes, however we don't want to give out home addresses. Be creative, it can be hotels, football grounds, on the side of a barn next to a motorway. We are looking to reach people more than anything, so that it will be seen by as many autistic people and caregivers as possible.

What happens if I offer a location to hang a banner?

We will be going through the list on Monday night. We have one confirmed location so far but Ideally need all 31 by Tuesday morning. Each location will be allocated a day for their banner to be hung. A post with an image and the location will go out on the mylifeautistic website and social media pages. If people want to take photos of themselves with the banner that's great. In January we plan a photo album on mylifeautistic with photos that cover the campaign from the design process to the final banner being put in place.

What happens to the banners after?

We are thinking of asking each location representative to sell the banner on eBay. The funds raised will then be split between mylifeautistic and peer led groups in their area. To help with ours and the running costs of peer led groups and organisations across the UK.

Why are you doing this?

Between social aspects, sensory impact and just a month that is stressful for many, we wanted to recognise this. That for caregivers and the community December can be a challenging month. However tough it is, always remember you really are not alone. We are a community and we see the struggles of many. However a new year is coming and it could be a New Year Autistic with more inclusion, representation, understanding and acceptance, that's all it would take.

What's in it for you?

Same as everything I do, my life matters to me because I get to create a brighter future for many from the ashes of a life that wasn't mine to lead. I felt completely lost and alone for decades, I don't want that for my community and I want caregivers to get the right support so that future generations never feel like I did.

All my best and love

Ross Fraser


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App - Canva

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1 Comment

Nov 26, 2022

We have been asked some questions about the Christmas campaign so hope this Q and A helps answer some questions there may be regarding this project.

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