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Character Connection (2)

It dawned on me recently how many characters I have been drawn to in films and TV shows that had limited or no verbal communication. One of the characters that demonstrates this above all, is Eddie, the dog from the sitcom Frasier. A character announced by the words “No, not Eddie! He’s weird! He gives me the creeps, all he does is stare at me!”. That’s some introduction for a dog, but even though Eddie was small in stature, he was huge in the amount of character he had.

I loved Frasier for many reasons. However I loved Eddie because I didn’t have words to misread and I understood his responses. Those subtle little reactions, and of course there is the dreaded staring. It was funny because I got it, and in doing so Eddie became a cherished character. One I do enjoy revisiting often.

My favourite scene of all the episodes is when Frasier repeats a rumour and accidentally gets Bulldog fired. His dad, brother and Daphne all have a go at him for not going to tell his boss that he was responsible. He feels ashamed but can’t bring himself to go back to KACL 780 and speak to the station manager. However, Eddie sits down, staring at him for just a moment ... and he’s up off the sofa and out the door.

I really hope the new series of Frasier lives up to the original. It’s actually a show I’m really looking forward to coming back, however I will miss seeing Martin and Eddie. To me as much a double act as Little and Large, Ant and Dec or Holmes and Watson.

So here is to the little dog, with the huge personality. The show stealing, comic genius that did it all with only just the occasional bark for dialogue.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Curtis


Words – Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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21 Μαρ 2023

“Don’t stare at me, Eddie. I’m a humane man but in the mood I’m in, I could kick a kitten through an electric fan!” Frasier

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