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Change is Needed Now

This has never been about putting the spotlight on me. This is about righting a wrong, it’s about giving autistic people a chance, at a lot of things the community rarely gets. As a community , more than 64% will have PTSD but that’s normally formed in childhood. We are 3 times more likely to take our own lives. We often need a therapist but access to an autistic therapist is rarely an option. Legal action is very rarely taken too because of the anxiety it causes to fight it. Personally, just the idea of going to court for jury duty was too much for me to bear. My main concern was simply, what happens if I have a meltdown there?

If autistic people are truly accepted by society, is it not time the community gets to see that? People like me aren’t asking for change for the sake of change. We look back on our lives and the tears fall like a monsoon. We do this, because our lives were beyond hard. Seeing that repeating in others in the community, still, decades later is heart-breaking.

Not everyone that is autistic has empathy, and that’s fine. Like I always say, we are very different people, autism links us, makes us a community. But the word “autism” covers a wide range of needs and abilities... and people. I can empathise personally and to me that means one thing. It’s my responsibility to protect us, because I have felt my pain and do feel yours too. That continues without end in sight, in the lives of so many and that is something I am unwilling to leave uncorrected. These are my words, but they are always in the hope of something much better for all of us.

I wasn’t going to post today but this has been in my head since it was brought to my attention:

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