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Brighter Birthday

Birthdays are a strange one for me, because of expectations vs reality in some respects. I think this is because when I was younger pretty much everyone I’d invited to my birthday didn’t show. That has a deep impact because it’s so counter to what you see around you, on TV and in the lives of other children. Over time I did get used to that but it was still hard, a reminder my life was different to most.

The last few years have been really tough, I have to admit. I was definitely not the easiest person to live with when my birthday came around. The truth is I really began to hate my birthday. After 14 years of essentially the same day over and over due to pain, not working and rare social interaction it got to me, it felt like my birthday was just a countdown on the way to death. I would wake up and feel angry, like I had just lost another year.

I will say though that I am enjoying my birthday this year. It’s honestly unlike any I’ve experienced before and it’s a really positive day. We haven’t done anything special but a good year, a calm mind and the people I love being there for me. That’s the perfect birthday for me, plus two new Stitch figures and a Stitch hoodie was perfect too! I do love Stitch, can you tell?... and like Stitch, I too have found my ohana.

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All the best


Words – Ross A Fraser

Imagery – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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