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Born with love

We are born with love. When our trust is broken it is very easy for us to bury our hearts. But those walls also prevent us from giving and receiving love and joy.

When we are little, our parents protect us from harm and teach us what is right and what is wrong. They love us unconditionally which means they will always be there for their child no matter what happens in their life.

When it comes time for the child to grow up, this unconditional love changes into something different: conditional love. This means that if a child does something “good” then his/her parent will give them affection or attention. If they do something wrong then he/she may not receive as much affection from his/her parents because they have broken some rule or law within the family unit.

For the autistic individual we go a step further. We cling to our pure intention but are forced to believe that it is wrong to be us. In the end masking becomes our only defence. We were made to feel guilty about our needs so we lie to ourselves and pretend to be what others want us to be.

Unmasking can be the most painful experience of one’s life. You are forced to relive every moment that added to your mask. It’s overwhelming but necessary.

My intent for this post is that it gives you hope that you can heal from anything and everything. You are a survivor. I want you to know how strong, capable, and worthy you are as a person. Don’t hide what makes you special, you never know who may need to see the true you.

This is Me – Jeni

❤️ 🫂 ❤️

Be the true you

Words – Jeni Curtis

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1 Comment

Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Jun 14, 2022

The memories brought forth from unmasking take you to hell, but you can come back from it as you.

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