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Oddly this is shaping up to be just like a Christmas movie...

At the start of the month getting the wrong office chair spiked my pain to the point it’s become uncontrollable. I have been fighting against this for years by managing pain levels as much as I could. I have been putting off taking morphine, because I didn’t want it to impact my focus. I had to start taking it again and ended up with very little focus, at a time I had allocated to work on the Christmas campaign. To add to things a clerical error cut off my mobile, home phone and broadband. I have been using a hotspot recently but it's been very temperamental.

About a week ago between a blackout and meltdown I hurt my right hand and wrist and now have to wear a splint for a while.

To be honest for the first time in I can’t remember I felt absolutely and completely defeated.

Then I called Service Graphics, out of 150 employees I just happened to be put through to Justin. I think this spoke to him because this isn’t just for the community but also for caregivers, that hope as deeply as we do that things will get better.

From education, to care, to work and healthcare... inclusion, representation and acceptance.

I pitched 31 single colour banners because I didn’t want to ask too much but what they have created is just perfect. There are 7 designs so the same design goes out on the same day, that adds a little consistency to it rather than 31 different ones. I really liked that and thought that it shows such consideration, because I hadn’t thought of that.

The incredible news is by Tuesday or Wednesday next week there will be 31 banners ready to deliver. Karen and Justin, as well as everyone involved at Service Graphics, have been absolutely wonderful to be honest. There is no way with everything that happened and just getting back online yesterday that I could have done this without the hours of time and generosity of their company and staff. I think the banners are perfect and I hope everyone agrees.

All my best and love

Ross Fraser


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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1 commentaire

25 nov. 2022

If you can help by sharing, telling family and friends or reaching out, we would love to have 31 confirmed locations by Wednesday, if possible, so we can send the banners out so that they are in the required location in plenty of time.

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