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Away to Aberdeen (2)

We went to the shopping centre first – I had hoped to get something ‘Stitch’ related from the Disney shop, as well as getting something for my daughter. Mainly I wanted to go there just because it’s been a while since I have been to a Disney shop. However, we discovered with disappointment that the shop was no longer there. We then decided that we would get food and carry on shopping, as I needed to take my medication for the pain. On the way out we noticed an exhibition for the Aberdeen Science Centre. A small display was set up in one of the shops in the shopping centre.

Both my daughter and I thought this was really cool. I tried to get permission to do a live on location but needed to apply for permission in advance so unfortunately it wasn’t possible. We spent a bit of time there, my daughter was fascinated by the displays. I must admit it was the highlight of the day. I loved the quotes and murals on the walls, and the interactive displays were a nice collection for a reasonably small space.

Next was my daughter’s favourite fast food restaurant, McDonalds. I really dread going there – I have done for years. I have sensory issues to the world in general, but this is particularly an issue when it comes to food, unless I’m making it myself. I get stressed every time: food needs to be freshly cooked, piping hot, or it is unpalatable for me (in a way where I simply can’t eat it ... my brain says “NO”, and that is that, I cannot). More than that, if I force myself to eat, it causes a chain reaction, the result of not listening to my mind. This includes nausea, migraine and can mean being physically sick. To me the temperature of food, is just as important as taste, texture or smell.

I ordered two cheeseburgers and requested they be freshly cooked. We took our seat upstairs (chosen by my daughter) and I opened the wrapping. Both cold to the touch, to my senses, so I wasn’t even attempting to eat them.

I went downstairs, sore and pretty irritated that this keeps happening any time I go here. I waited 5-10 minutes (roughly) for a manager. I explained again, and I even stated that I had sensory processing disorder. I went back up because I didn’t want to leave my daughter on her own. A few minutes later the manager turned up and left two more cheeseburgers. This time warmer, but it wasn’t fresh off the grill. I can taste the difference in temperature and it’s stressful to eat something that my mind says isn’t right. I did out of desperation – I needed my medication. Within about a minute I started to feel nauseated. Within five minutes the stress/tension headache started and still remains, ten hours later. My daughter was happy, but this was the last thing I needed because we had to go into shops next. Honestly I was ready to go home.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Curtis


Words – Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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