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Autism Theory

Updated: Jan 27

What bothered me about a lot of the theories regarding autism is that it always requires an unknown, some bogeyman causing damage like vaccines or something else that can’t be logically explained. I must admit I personally didn’t plan on trying to come up with a theory, it definitely wasn’t my intention. I had a plan for the campaign and making it public, a lot of it worked, a lot more than expected to be fair. However In doing that, I ended up on a journey of self discovery I genuinely never saw coming. I think because I needed to understand what happened in my life I needed to go internal. I had to analyse my memories to get some kind of clarity and understanding. I found that clarity, and so much more. The insights in this document are not from available information but from a hyperfocused autistic mind turned inward. I wouldn’t put this out publicly without both neurotypical and neurodivergent professionals agreeing on my findings. I was able to get that last week while I was having a break. I believe that the autistic mind and brain works differently from the neurotypical one, that our instincts are confined to one side, consciousness the other. The conscious side is the left hemisphere which controls speech, comprehension, arithmetic, and writing. The instinctual right hemisphere controls creativity, spatial ability, artistic and musical skills. There are less connections between both hemispheres in an autistic brain. The bridge between both hemispheres can be limited or closed by instinctual response. This limited connectivity reduces function, along with the ability to think clearly. Closed means an inability to function but to still be aware of oneself and one’s surroundings. In the photo where I look most disconnected, I could not see my surroundings clearly. My vision was very blurry but I knew when I was in frame and where to tap on the screen to take the image. I believe that regression in autistic people is caused by instincts forcing the self to rewind to an age which felt safe, and I don’t think internal awareness is lost as this happens. I imagine the actual cause for regression is complex and that is why I think the majority of research should be focused on this area. To help people with regressive autism and their families, I think that is of the upmost importance. I believe because our mind has two definable sides, that when the connection is open, we have access to instinctual memories and databases. This is only possible when your instincts are not protective or defensive. This theory would lead me to believe that autistic people have two measurable IQs not one, a conscious IQ and a combined IQ. I think that environment, not being understood (or accepted), and lack of social interaction all play a part. Higher levels of negative sensory impact are unavoidable, due to the invasive nature of the world through the natural workings of an autistic mind. An autistic mind is highly precise but it does require an environment and information to suit. My first really clear memory comes from being less than a year old. My Mum confirmed because the bedroom wallpaper was changed at this time, so considering I remember this change, it is clear I did in fact have this memory. It was the wallpaper that they put in the room for my older brother. Instinctual memories and memory banks are there but you may not be conscious of it, unless you find a way to create a suitable environment. If an autistic child feels scared or uncomfortable, instinctual response comes in and concentration becomes increasingly limited. It requires both your conscious and instinctual side to learn. Without both working together, you’re just using your conscious IQ. I believe an autistic person can go their entire life without access to their full mental potential. Some autistic people will always be disabled, as is the case with some neurotypical people. However, I think with the appropriate adjustments, this world wouldn’t be so disabling. With a binary thought process everything is being judged as positive or negative. However both sides are making that call. Imagine two seesaws, one conscious, one instinctual. If your conscious one goes down so does the other one. It’s then instinctually reinforced, so getting your mind back to a positive takes willing your conscious side to do that. If a sensory issue has cut too deep, then both may be negatively impacted, so each then requires a fix to get back to a state of function. They are linked in a way that cannot be described as causal, yet they clearly have a great deal of influence over one another. In this sense, they are in a relationship. Opposites that are equal. Each informing the other. The original chicken and egg conundrum. Difficulty looking people in the eye or fear or doing/saying the wrong thing is an example of mental rules, a collection of rules that have been reinforced going back to childhood. They are never removed, they have to be taken away by the person that reinforced them. My Mum did this for me, my voice and life is in my control and her rules were a guide that no longer applies. I have consequently been able to go into a crowded place without having a panic attack. My arm was up at my chest, prepared for the impending panic, but for the first time my hand wasn’t fully clenched. I felt calmer and much more in control. I was intently aware of everyone around me but was stunned that I didn’t panic and the difference that had occurred overnight. The idea of masking is what got me curious about this. An autistic mind can read micro expressions of someone’s mannerisms, process the information and then reply back in real time – possibly without the person being consciously aware they are doing it. By creating environments that are more suited for an autistic person and their mind, it will reduce their instinctual responses. I believe a lot more autistic people will be able to access their own mental capabilities and go on to become who they were meant to be all along. The New Life Autistic campaign was designed to allow for the information needed to start making these changes. I always knew having a way to allow individual voices from the community and caregivers was important. A way of guiding and creating a better future for the community. I now believe it’s absolutely vital, change the world, change lives.

Addition posted January 2024

Personal Neurotype Evolution Theory

What if neurodivergency was the mental counterpart to physical changes of human evolution.

Autistic people have not only stronger instincts, but a heightened awareness too. I believe neurodivergent people in general, have a conscious left hemisphere and instinctual right hemisphere. Where autism is different is the potential for a deep awareness of instinctual response and memories.

Sensory input is instinctively gathered, an automatic process. With all experiences, and information stored in your instinctual memory banks, but may also be stored in couscous memory too.

In periods of high stress, instinctual response can take over, and your consciousness is protected by reinforced fear and anxiety. It can make us more cautious, giving additional consideration before action is common.

A heightened visual acuity means your mind can highlight things you don’t expect to see. Often spotting both commonalities and anomalies.

My eyes scan much like a printer, taking in all the details layer by layer.

My hearing is also enhanced when compared to a neurotypical person. I can hear through walls, and can react negatively to decibel level, frequency, tone and pitch. What the sound is plays a part too, aggression is something that can cause instant flight or fight.

My reactions are instinctual, and can mirror that of some animals. Also there seems to be a deeper connection to both animals, and nature in general. Dogs can be definitely be projective at moments of high stress. I believe they can actually feel our emotional responses.

If you imagine 2000 years ago, having a stronger awareness of environment would have been beneficial, especially to protect against predators. A hightened visual and auditory equity and processing would also be an asset in that environment. Stronger sense of smell and taste, would aid in finding safe food and water sources. Problem solving and creative solutions is aided by the way our minds process information too, through a much more binary process. This is coupled with a natural curiosity and ability to process information separately, on a conscious and unconscious level. It can be like having two brains in one head.

Our minds can read environments/situations, and predict outcome as well. Conscious and unconscious mental processing, means automatically analysing situations as they happen. A heightened protective instinct is not uncommon, and autistic people can communicate without words. If hiding from a predator, being able to reassure (while muted by instincts) would create a strong bond, and safe space for a child. Reliance on natural abilities and cognitive processing can also a benefit.

I believe that we are adapted mentally more for a much more natural environment, and world. There is potentially two reasons for this. Either having a more connected world has meant more neurodivergent people meet. Because we think in a similar way, it can create stronger bonds and relationships. This could have led to more neurodivergent people being born. Alternatively it’s a natural course correction.

A monetised, and product based society has had a deeply negative impact on the natural world, and on species that we share the planet with. If we continue on the path we are on, we could untimely create our own demise. The end of humanity because we changed the natural order of the world, to the point of collapse.

However, if more autistic and neurodivergent people are born. People that can be disabled by the manmade world we have. It would make sense that over time environments change, and environments based in nature become more common again. I believe that neurodivergent people evolved first, and neurotypical people were the evolutionarily result of heavily populated areas, with less natural resources.

I suspect that human migration is to account for people whose minds are more adapted to the natural world, being in build up, man-made environments.

Ross Fraser

Autistic human rights activist

Mylifeautistic Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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