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Hi everyone, I had a thought yesterday, is there a “worlds largest advent calendar” Guinness World Record. There is, and the calendar is 70 meters long, technically I could make the case that ours is already 319 miles long.

We applied for the world record last night. We have said we have no problem waiting the 12 weeks (approximately) for the free assessment option. We could fundraise and get the priority service so we know if we have achieved it by the 1st of January. However we are not willing to do that.

I work on a entirely voluntary basis, Service Graphics have donated time, materials and delivery and the venues are donating space to hang them.

This is about the value of people and showing a global community, that we all belong.

I deeply appreciate that, its exactly what this time of year is meant to represent in my opinion. The value of people, of hope, of belief in a new year or new start. Where everyone belongs and matters.

We will wait the 12 weeks if Guinness is willing to consider our application for the worlds largest advent calendar, we have just asked if they are willing to consider it.

We are creating a physical advent calendar with the banners being in physical locations across the UK. Plus an online record, because to put out a post we need the location confirmed in advance of each day. The photographs which will go into an album (some point in January, on the website) are confirmation that the banners were hung in each location. It may not be but we hope that is enough to be considered.

We currently have a location confirmed for tomorrow, but we need more.

If we are going to attempt to get a world record for this, which would be credited to “mylifeautistic and the autistic community” officially, but shared by everyone involved. We need to find more locations as soon as possible. We will make sure that no one that helped make this a reality will be missed out, we fully intend to put out a thank you post including everyone involved along with the photo album in January.

If we are to be considered we can’t miss a single day, this means confirming locations is even more important now. Because if we can achieve this, 31 banners, in 31 locations over 31 days. We could be helping claim a world record for the global autistic community.

Inclusion, representation and acceptance = belonging.

And that could help create a New Life Autistic for future generations and a community that is made up of approximately 50 million+ people, and shouldn’t feel alone.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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