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Advent Day 9

Mylifeautistic advent calendar

Day 9

Cossington Park is a highly adaptable luxury holiday let, owned by the same family for around 400 years. It is a fascinating location that is full of family antiques, portraits, memorabilia and over 5000 books. Completely self-contained, offering privacy, quiet space and seclusion. To be honest from my view, what I need to feel comfortable, personally, it sounds absolutely perfect.

Set in 22 acres of beautifully tended and welcoming gardens and grounds in the heart of a pretty Somerset village Cossington Park sounds exceptional. However, it’s even better because they already openly encourage autistic people to stay. There was absolutely no hesitation when I mentioned this project.

I love calls like that, where inclusion and acceptance are already found. Places that embrace the community and caregivers. That’s why Cossington Park, Near Bridgwater in Somerset is day 9 on our advent calendar. Thank you for embracing our community and advertising yourself as an “autism friendly venue”.

A stunning location, supportive staff and a place that is already accepting of and including the community. Ideal.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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Dec 09, 2022

Day 9 – Cossington Park, Near Bridgewater, Somerset.

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