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Advent Day 6

Mylifeautistic advent calendar

Day 6

I started the idea of mylifeautistic the day I was diagnosed. I couldn’t deal with the thought that my life would repeat in the lives of others. I just had to see something change for the community and caregivers. 

I came up with the New Life Autistic campaign and that was as far as I had intended going. I really didn’t want to be visible, especially not to the world.

It was the encouragement of caregivers and autistic people that helped me. They didn’t want me to give up, even when I thought I was just incapable of keeping going a moment longer. The community gave me trust, encouragement and support. Allowed me to represent us, a global community of individuals. I have always tried to be respectful of that, and felt the weight of speaking for more people than just myself. 

It gave me a drive to support the community and caregivers in a much more substantial way. I needed the government to believe in mylifeautistic and the New Life Autistic campaign. To see what the community could have, the future that is possible and just needs to be created. 

We want to thank the Scottish government for being day 6 on our calendar. We hope next year is a New Year Autistic for many, and the road toward a much brighter future for our community. 

All our best and love 

Ross and Jeni 



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06 dic 2022

Day 6 – The Scottish Parliament Building, Holyrood, Edinburgh.

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