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Advent Day 3

Mylifeautistic advent calendar

Day 3

We are back in Scotland today with another stunning location. Maryculter House is found at Kirkton of Maryculter, Aberdeen.

This location is actually really close to where I live. So much so I hope to be able to visit before the end of the month and do a live on location.

What I love about this location is that it’s surrounded by nature. I am often drawn to places that have a balance. That have easy access to nature as part of the experience of being there. I am really proud to be able to include such a beautiful place.

They are happy to make adjustments as needed if they are able to accommodate. If you need any considerations and are planning a visit please email them through their website.

To everyone at Maryculter House, thank you so much for accepting and supporting the autistic community. Your involvement in this campaign means a lot to me. Because it might mean I get to see one of the banners in person. It will depend on weather and pain levels, but ... I really do hope to see you all soon.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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Dec 03, 2022

Day 3 – Maryculter House, Aberdeenshire

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