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Advent Day 2

Mylifeautistic advent calendar

Day 2 - Culloden House Hotel, Inverness

The staff and management understand that when it comes to the autistic community that adjustments may be required. How can I say that with absolute certainty? Well, because they considered my sensory issues with food before I even knew I had them. Preparing a simple, yet delicious menu for my wife and I. This is a really personal one for me because this is where we were married.

My dad was a tour guide in Scotland and he arranged an amazing day for my wife and I. What I remember the most was the little things, staff that were always available but not overwhelming. For example, my pain was a problem the day after our wedding. What the staff at Culloden House did was to close the door over in the lounge. A really small thing but it meant that it was just me, my wife and our family in the morning. I must admit I deeply appreciated that.

I know that the community will be looked after and really well supported. Because I really loved that hotel and the staff were so understanding when it came to considering my needs. Both in terms of physical limitations, and what I needed to feel comfortable.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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Day 2 – Culloden House Hotel

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