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Advent Day 15

Mylifeautistic advent calendar

Day 15

Holiday’s can be exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Anxiety can be common during and after traveling, because of change of routine, sensory issues and a lot more. When it comes to accommodation, there are a number of properties that have experience supporting the community and have additional facilities to help make your holiday as stress free as possible.

For day 15 we have Birchcroft-Hideaway in Dorset. They understand that there isn’t a one size fits all solution to finding a place to stay. It requires a combination of things.

In short, they do what they can to anticipate what an autistic person may need to have a great holiday. Adaptions are in place for wheelchair users, as well as people with hearing and visual difficulties. They have a wet room with wheeled shower stool, hospital style profile bed, electric single bed, electric stand-up chair and a loop system. Flashing smoke alarms, vibrating pillow and a personal alarm, as well as a ramp to the front door and a turning circle for cars.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication has been considered too, with the Touchstay app, this adds to Covid safe amenities and allows information on local area leisure facilities, restaurants, pubs, shops, National Trust properties, etc. All easily and safely accessed from your phone as well as operating instructions for items in the house and where necessary codes as well. This is somewhere that is truly adaptive to an individual persons needs.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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Dec 15, 2022

Day 15 – Birchcroft-Hideaway, Ferndown, Dorset.

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