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Advent Day 12

Mylifeautistic advent calendar

Day 12

When I plan something, I look for an idea with a beneficial impact on multiple levels if it comes to fruition. One thing that was important to me is that they were put up in a variety of places. So that the QR code (that links directly to the mylifeautistic website) could be scanned by anyone passing. That with different types of locations it had a much greater reach. With people of all ages and walks of life pass it in their daily lives, and can learn a little about an autistic persons experience of the world.

Rachel and her son Joe (who wants to be an openly autistic elected representative in British politics, and he’d get our backing completely) have been following mylifeautistic since pretty much the start. They have got in touch with the Wymondham Garden Centre about getting involved with this campaign.

I am proud to announce that they are day 12 on our advent calendar. Inclusion, to get global acceptance, it has to start local, then regional, national, and finally one day it will be more wide spread. Inclusion, representation, acceptance and understanding commonplace... and that’s what we are all working towards.

The Wymondham Garden Centre has a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, tools, gifts and a section for your pets. The staff are helpful and in hand to support. A day out and a cuppa or cake while taking in the sensory impact of the plants and flowers. I like environments like that because they can be more calming. After all a great day out, that just needs to be something that feels good when you look back and remember it.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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Dec 12, 2022

Day 12 – Wymondham Garden Centre, La East, Tuttles Lane East, Wymondham.

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