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Advent Calendar World Record

When applying for the world record my impulse was to put service graphics, mylifeautistic and the autistic community. However I then felt like I wasn’t being respectful of the locations getting involved or the individuals that have been helping reach out.

To be honest it was becoming too much of a complicated thought.

I did think about just putting down the autistic community as credit. I included mylifeautistic not for personal credit for Jeni and I. As far as we are concerned we work for the community and caregivers. It was because of what it’s come to represent to both caregivers and the autistic community around the world.

I was once told that “mylifeautistic was a lighthouse of hope for the community”. That hope can always be found there. That’s the reason why I put mylifeautistic down on the application form. Because of what it represents to so many people.

As for crediting the world record (if awarded it) to the autistic community. That was to help empower the community and future generations. Because if we can claim this world record, then every autistic person on the planet can legitimately say they are a world record holder. An achievement we can all share collectively, together.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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