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Adjusting for winter

With the increasing pain levels I will have to adjust and reduce my workload, focusing on the priority areas of the campaign. That is the human rights side, media and creating Au-thentic online. I try to give my all to everything I do. Unfortunately that’s why I have been stressing about the winter months and expected pain levels, what it's going to take to keep going. All I can do is adjust so that the most important aspects of the New Life Autistic campaign are still in motion.

I made a promise to myself that if I was diagnosed as autistic I would do everything I could to support the community. That I would push myself, mentally and physically for 2 years.

That the community comes first.

I was diagnosed on the 14th of September 2020, so not quite 2 years but I know I need to adjust to be able to continue. I have been working up to 20 hour days and only taking time off for meltdowns or burnout, not the wisest move granted. However the foundations of mylifeautistic have been built. I probably need to reduce that to about 4/5 hour days and 5/6 days a week to be able to balance working and pain levels.

I found myself doing this, absolutely and an incredible partner with a heart of gold in Jeni Curtis. I am going to be more careful, I have had a year of PTSD episodes, meltdowns and panic attacks. A year where my memories lurked and ambushed.

That said I wouldn’t change a single thing, I am so proud to be a human rights activist for the autistic and neurodivergent community. I would do this every single day for the rest of my life. The pain isn’t going to make that an option so I will be more careful, rest a lot more and focus on the future.

We will continue posting but probably won’t be taking on any additional projects until next year. However, that said... watch this space because I get that feeling that next year we will build on the mylifeautistic foundations and take the New Life Autistic campaign to even greater heights.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – canva

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1 Comment

Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Sep 01, 2022

Things will slow down a bit, I won’t be working on social media as much but I will be working in the background. I am going to take a long weekend to rest up and manage pain. I hope you all have a relaxed weekend, see you next week. Take care everyone, and as always... be kind to your mind.

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