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Today is usually pretty hellish. It was a reminder that years passed but nothing changed. It marks fifteen years since the accident. Fifteen years of continuous pain. However I feel like I’ve lived so much in this year. My pain and mobility issues didn’t stand in the way, because I had too many reasons to fight against it every day. To help create a future I am so proud to just be a part of.

I plan on doing a live this evening, I’m not sure when or how I’ll be to be honest. However I know now living a life in pain made my resolve so strong. I said almost a year ago I will find a way to help change the world for the autistic community and caregivers. I meant that.

Pain will always be my constant now. But I want to make sure living my life to the fullest is too. I still feel like Buzz Lightyear spending my life in a box. Some days, I feel like the defender, protector and so much more than the sum of my labels.

I am Ross Fraser, autistic, dyslexic, housebound... etc, etc...


I am Ross Fraser, I won’t let anything stop me making life better for others.

I like that, constantly pained, yes... but I feel like a phoenix.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva


#mentalhealthadvocate #together #community #actuallyautistic #autismacceptance

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