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My name is Jeni Curtis and I am an autistic Human Rights Activist. My mylifeautistic partner, Ross Alexander Fraser, and I have been working hard to build a better future for the autistic and neurodivergent community.

Ross’s life has never been easy. He was placed in a special needs boarding school where he endured years of relentless bullying. The school failed to properly protect and didn’t educate him. Still he found strength to push through. After leaving school he suffered bouts of homelessness and at the age of 28 a spinal injury left him bedbound.

Most would be left defeated after living a life such as his. Not Ross, he fought to regain his mobility and fate rewarded him with the love of his life. They met during physical therapy and fell madly in love.

Ross is the definition of resilient. The world tried to break him but he refused to give up. In his thirties he taught himself to read and write properly in hopes to create a story for his daughter. His hard work paid of when his book Kaleidoscope was published.

At 41 he was diagnosed as autistic and Mylifeautistic was born. Despite being self taught in the past 11 years, Ross’s list of accomplishments are vast. He has created a new genre “Au-thentic music”, and had one of his posts shared to page mentions on the British Royal Family’s Facebook page. Together we have had successful talks with Scottish Parliament on changes that can be made to better protect the autistic community and support caregivers. Hopefully soon I will have the privilege of speaking with our own government about autism.

What Ross has created in such a short time has helped thousands of others. However, sadly the spinal injury he suffered at 28 has left him in constant pain. It has progressed to a point that he may once again be bedbound. It is time that he slows down and listens to his body.

At the start of the year I will be taking over the campaign and Ross will continue to be a part of the campaign but will be working behind the scenes.

My Life Autistic started as a way to give the autistic community a voice and hope. We want to end the year showing how far we have come in bringing awareness to the world.

Let’s end 2022 on a good note and show the world that we all belong, and that people have value.

All our best and love

Jeni Curtis

Chief Operating Officer (1/1/23)


Words – Jeni Curtis

Graphic Design App – Canva

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1 Comment

Nov 21, 2022

We needed to make this announcement today, but will follow up with a post about our Christmas campaign “I believe in a #NewLifeAutistic” tomorrow.

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