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I probably won’t post next week. Jeni may post at some point but will have to see how she’s feeling as she’s trying to adjust to heightened senses again at the moment and has been in and out of burnout a lot recently.

As for me, I struggled with the pain and couldn’t do much, however I’m glad I got to spend my Dad’s birthday with him. We are traveling home today which unfortunately means passing out with the pain on the way back. I am used to it, but it’s basically the reason I don’t travel. The only way I can describe it is it feels like waking from an anaesthetic. I feel incredibly groggy and thinking just isn’t possible. This also reduces my ability to communicate properly and cope with negative sensory input. Annoyingly that feelIng can last for days.

It isn’t all bad news, my doctor called me yesterday. There is a pain killer to try that I haven’t been on before. After 15 years of constant pain that list is very small. It could be the same as morphine and impact my ability to think clearly but I hope not. The truth is any pain relief would help at this point because to work I have had to go without. Being able to just takes something that works would be such a relief.

I will aim to be back posting on the 25th, I know I need to start listening to the pain more. Because my reality is if these pain killers don’t work, I am not sure how many options there is left.

Thinking positive, I do hope that when I come back I will be able to report that I’m feeling much better, fingers crossed.

Take care everyone

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Jul 15, 2022

I’m traveling home later on today. So I’m probably going to go quiet for a week to ten days while I recuperate. Take care of yourselves everyone and I’ll be back to posting soon ❤️

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