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At the moment we don't have a location confirmed for tomorrow so the likelihood is there won't be a hint tonight. However I have to call an organisation back tomorrow morning.

So this is how we see it.

If we don't have a post out with a confirmed location by 11:59PM on each given day, we won't have completed the advent calendar. We will still continue but it just means we won't get all 31 days this year.

However, really that only happens if it turns midnight and a post isn't out for that day.

As for the banners, they may be slightly delayed as we are confirming places on the day. So I think it comes down to completing the calendar. If we have all 31 posts and we have the 31 banners in the 31 specified locations by midnight on the 31st of December, or not. To me that's the binary point where we have either achieved this this year or not.

We may not get consideration for a world record, that's quite possible, but it wasn't about that. Giving that to the community would have just been an incredible way to end this year and start the new year.

However, this is the first time we are attempting this. We do plan on attempting something similar annually from now on. Given I've barely slept in 4 days I'm probably going to sign off and crash soon. I won't give up, we will keep going and see what happens.

To be honest on day 1, I was sure we wouldn't find anywhere for day 2, so time will tell.

All my best and love

Ross Fraser


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