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Just a thought...

Words by Ross A Fraser

Just a thought...

Don’t underestimate a warm heart,

To those that lived their lives in the cold,

It can feel like sitting by the fire,

...on a bitter winters day

Acceptance One dream to free us all one dream to redefine us one dream to bring us all tog

Just a thought...

Some people get given their path in life, to others it’s a constant obstacle course, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get through.

I began to learn to read and write at 10, my skills were very basic and remained that way

Just a thought...

Some people spend so much of their life feeling like they lived in the fire... That one day they rise up from the flames as their own personal phoenix, lighting up the night sky for anyone still living in the darkness.

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Just a thought...

If you are masking, what the other person is effectively seeing is a refection of parts of themselves.

But if they don’t like something about you, does that actually mean they really just don’t like a part of themselves?

So, if they haven’t seen you, then all the negative self reinforcement is not only unnecessary but was never ours to take on.

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Don't just look, really see... You're stronger than you think.png
Meltdowns are like cold callers Disruptive and very annoying!.png
Isn't together just such a great word.png
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